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Ultimate 30-Day Weight Loss Combo - Shred360 & CarbControl+

Get 1 bottle of Shred360 AND 1 bottle of CarbControl+ for under $20 with this limited time offer!


83% Off?!?

That's right - you get a full bottle of the best-in-class metabolic enhancer Shred360 AND a full bottle of CarbControl+ - all for $19.98.

Why such insane pricing?


We've got too much inventory and I'd rather move it quickly and have you benefit than take up space in our warehouse.

For less than the cost of 1 bottle of an inferior big-box-supplement-store fat-burner, you get 2 of the premier "fat fighting" supplements money can buy.

With Shred360, you'll crank up your metabolism, drive, and focus to help you start melting off those last few pounds you swore you'd finally get rid of this year.

Want to see those abs? Shred360 can help. (read the full product write-up here)

And with CarbControl+, you'll actually stop the absorption of some of the starchy carbs you do eat.  This means you can still have a little pasta, pizza, and potatoes while reaching your fat loss goals...and you don't have to feel guilty about it!

(read the full CC+ write-up here)

And like I said - you're only paying $19.98 for BOTH of them, which is a staggering 83% off...

Obviously, with prices this low, we can't keep this offer around forever.

In fact, it's only good until we move the inventory we need to get back into "acceptable" levels.  And at this price, I know it won't take long!

So act now, or forever hold your peace - these are gonna go fast!

Train Hard,



PS: While taking these, you'll still need to follow a well-designed meal plan to keep yourself in a caloric deficit at least 5-6 days a week, and only go up to maintenance calories 1 or 2 days a week, depending on your current body-fat level.  But if you're doing that, taking these together as a stack will REALLY help you get to your goal faster and easier.

Supplements can only help you if you're already doing the right things...they don't do all the work for you!





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