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Support Healthy Tendons, Ligaments and Joints!

• Patented blend replenishes key collagens (Types 1, 2, 3, 5 & 10)
• Fights the effects of aging joints
• Formulated with critical compounds, essential nutrients and anti-oxidants for optimal joint health

Synovia is a powerful new formulation of ingredients proven to reduce joint discomfort and inflammation.

Collagen is the principal structural protein in cartilage that is responsible for its tensile strength and toughness.  Synovia uses a patented form of collagen that provides Types I, II, III, V, and X - making it the most comprehensive collagen available on the market today.  The sources of these collagens are eggshell membrane and avian.

Unlike other collagens, ours isn't processed using harsh caustic chemicals that destroy the 3D structure of the collagen, which reduces efficacy and promotes inflammation.

Synovia also includes Hyaluronic Acid (HA).  HA is a lubricant present in every tissue of the body, with the highest concentrations occurring in connective tissues such as skin and cartilage. As a constituent of joint fluid, HA also serves as a lubricant and plays a role in resisting compressive forces.

Our formula combines these critical compounds with other essential nutrients and anti-oxidants that are required for the formation of collagen found in cartilage and connective tissue to support optimal joint health.**



Joint Support That Actually WORKS!
Experience lasting relief with a novel formula that helps replace the lubricating fluid in your joints!
Buy 3 for $149.85 - Save $10 per bottle!

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  1. Synovia+ is a clear winner...7 out of 5 stars! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 21st Jan 2019

    Compared to the meg-cost, 3X every six months injections I was getting, Synovia+ is a clear winner.....I'd say 7 stars out of a possible 5. And I am continuing to see improvements. And I have told others who have also seen substantial improvements eg I can dance, bowl, and cut the grass again.

  2. My hands have never felt so good! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th Dec 2018

    I am 64 years old and HAD my hands covered with arthritis. My knuckles hurt so bad and a strong burning sensation in my fingers. I had a hard time using my hands for any physical work.

    I came upon this article on ASR from a local paper, I figured I tried everything else so why not. I purchased the product which they say can take as long as several months for it to work.

    I kid you not, two days later my hands have never felt so good, strong and can do physical jobs now. I am a very strong believer in this supplement.

  3. Have moved to synovia from older product! 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 23rd Jan 2018

    So far,really good...I ran out of the older product which I found very helpful for my knee pain...had ordered multiple bottles and when I went to reorder it was no longer available.
    So purchased synovia And have been using it for about 4 days...and wow! No pain And now am losing general stiffness that is troublesome for sure

  4. UNBELIEVABLE 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th Jul 2017

    I have arthritis really bad. Doctors just wanted to give me injections that were very costly. I tried this for two months and it works. Just ordered my second round today. It took about two weeks for me to begin feeling pain free. I know it's hard to believe but this really works

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