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Carb Control Plus

Blocks Starchy Carbs and Shuttles The Ones That Get Through Into Muscle Instead of Fat!
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Enjoy Carbs AND Lose Weight? Revolutionary New Pill Means That Yes, Now You Can…

With over 60 Million American adults potentially pre-diabetic, the ‘carb crisis’ is very much a daily worry for many Americans.
Fortunately, we may have found the ‘Holy Grail’ of weight loss and carb control – meaning that you can enjoy carb-loaded foods without having to worry *as much* about what they’re doing to your waistline or your health.

Meet Carb Control+ - The Pill That Lets You Eat The Carbs You Want...Without Storing Them As Unsightly Body Fat

This breakthrough combination of 5 natural but rare  ingredients has been shown to dramatically block the storage of excess carbs, meaning that you can enjoy tasty, delicious meals without worrying about adding inches.
The beauty of Carb Control+ is that all you have to do is take 2 capsules with each meal, and you can sit back and relax as the synergistic blend of ingredients work with your body - safely - to prevent you from storing unwanted fat.

Why Simply Controlling Carbs Isn’t Enough - The Science Behind The Dramatic Results

Much of the population is familiar with Carb Blockers since the first versions came out several years ago.
From the time carb blockers were first introduced, companies have been making big claims about their effectiveness.  HOWEVER, they conveniently forget to mention that even the highest-strength formulas do not block ALL the carbs you eat.
In fact, most let as much as 50% “slip through the cracks” and get stored as fat.

Carb Control+ works differently though.

It doesn’t just “block” carbs, rather it also shuttles them to muscle cells, meaning that any that might have slipped through the cracks are transported to lean muscle tissue instead of fat storage. 
The fancy term for this process is called nutrient partitioning, and it makes Carb Control+ dramatically more effective than other weight loss products on the market today.
Shuttling carbohydrates to lean muscle instead of fat is very significant for those looking to transform the look of their body because you’re not just avoiding fat gain, you’re fueling the aspect of the body that makes people look their absolute best - muscle!
Now I've got to warn you - I'm going to get a little technical here for a minute to explain this, but it's important you understand how this works because it's truly amazing! You'll start to see why you MUST add this to your daily nutrition regimine as soon as you can!
One of the ingredients in Carb Control+ is Alpha Lipoic Acid, or ALA for short.
An amazing property of ALA is that it acts as what's called an "insulin mimicker" when in the blood stream.
What does this mean?

Well, to fully explain it, we need to have an understanding of the role insulin plays in your body.  So here goes...

When you eat carbohydrates, your body digests them and then sends them into your bloodstream as glucose.  When the glucose enters your bloodstream, the pancreas is signaled to release insulin, and the insulin "activates" some special receptors in your muscle and fat cells called GLUT4 transporters.
Here's why this is important:
Without those GLUT4 transporters, the glucose can't get into your cells for energy production or storage!  What's more, too high of levels of glucose in your bloodstream is toxic, which is why diabetics must very closely watch their blood sugar levels at all times.
So back to how ALA fits into all of this...glut4.jpg
Insulin alone only activates a certain amount of GLUT4 transporters, and it activates them on both muscle AND fat tissue.  
That's right! Insulin actually triggers fat cells to grab glucose for storage as MORE FAT!!  Not a good thing when you're trying to lose weight.
The amazing thing about ALA is that is also signals cells to activate the GLUT4 transporters, but ONLY IN MUSCLE!
So in our diagram (b) above, here's how this plays out:
Step 1) Insulin binds to the insulin receptor on the cell wall.
Step 2) The insulin receptor sends a signal to the GLUT4 transporter
Step 3) The GLUT4 transporter moves from the inside of the cell out to the cell wall an actually penetrates the cell wall with a "tube" that glucose can travel through
Step 4) Glucose enters the cell for either energy production or storage for later use
Now here's the cool part:
ALA has been shown in studies to "mimic" insulin in that it too activates the GLUT4 transporters just like insulin, but can also INCREASE the amount of available receptors on any given muscle cell by up to 50-60%!
This means that up to 60% more of the glucose in your bloodstream can be stored in MUSCLE cells for energy rather than stored as unsightly body fat!

If the glucose is going into muscle and not fat, you don't continue to add inches to your waist, hips, thighs, and back of the arms as you do when glucose is stored in fat cells.

And for the astute meat-heads out there like me, this also means that you can increase nutrient uptake of your post-workout simple carbs more efficiently by supplementing with ALA...because who doesn't want more muscle faster?!
In addition to ALA, the formula behind Carb Control+ includes 4 other scientifically well-documented ingredients that work together to prevent carbs being stored as unsightly body fat. Let’s look at them individually:
White Kidney Bean Extract – White kidney beans are a high fiber super food that contain high levels of minerals, protein and fiber. White Kidney Bean extract is a well-known “starch blocker”, and it does this by inhibiting the starch-digesting enzyme amylase, which otherwise turns the starch you eat into absorbable sugar (glucose). 
What this means is that instead of being broken down into absorbable carbs in your gut, starchy carbs simply pass through undigested as the white kidney bean prevents amylase from doing its job.  A side benefit is some of the undigested carbs can ferment in the gut and act as probiotics, feeding the good bacteria you need for a healthy metabolism!
A review of six clinical trials using white kidney bean extracts found a statistically significant reduction in body fat (averaging about 4 pounds) when compared to placebo.
Alpha Lipoic Acid (S-ALA) – We discussed it above, but in short ALA is known for being a powerful antioxidant that possesses significant benefits related to carbohydrate metabolism. Studies show that ALA increases GLUT4 transporters on the outside of muscle cells which means more glucose can be shuttled into muscle cells and away from fat cells. This powerful ingredient has many benefits and it is what gives CC+ its nutrient partitioning capability. 
Berberine – Berberine is an alkaloid extracted from various plants used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and it is typically taken because of its anti-inflammatory and anti-diabetic effects. It has been shown to improve the signaling between insulin and its associated receptors while also increasing glucose uptake by skeletal muscle (NOT fat).
This means berberine helps the insuline receptors signal the GLUT4 transporters more effectively, which also helps drive more of them to the cell wall to help bring in glucose to muscle cells and not fat!
Chromium- Chromium is an essential mineral, consumed through the diet. It is found in trace amounts in plant products, specifically grains. Chromium regulates insulin in the body, and it is often supplemented to improve insulin action in the body. In addition to the benefits associated with insulin regulation, chromium is believed to be an effective appetite suppressant. 
Cinnamon Bark - Not only does it help avoid blood sugar spikes, but it also improves glucose use in the cell itself. It has been shown to effectively assist in managing blood sugar after high carbohydrate meals and it can increase glucose metabolism by up to 10 fold. Cinnamon can inhibit numerous digestive enzymes, such as alpha-glucosidase, sucrase and potentially pancreatic amylase. Via inhibition of these enzymes, cinnamon can decrease the influx of glucose into systemic circulation and avoid overly significant insulin spikes.
In short, these key ingredients in Carb Control+ have been shown to:
bullet-point.pngEffectively assist in managing blood sugar levels after carbohydrate-rich meals, while increasing glucose metabolism up to 10 fold
bullet-point.pngStabilize blood sugar so you avoid the mid afternoon energy ‘crash’
bullet-point.png Increasing glucose uptake by skeletal muscle (NOT fat) so you can transform your body
bullet-point.png Help you banish negative feelings surrounding food as you can rest assured the excess carbs are not being stored as fat
bullet-point.png Reduces harmful binge eating because now you can include your favorite foods into your meal plan
bullet-point.png Birthday dinner or special occasion, and can’t stop thinking about the weight gain? 2 capsules and you can enjoy yourself without worry!

Simply put: You do NOT want to eat carbs without Carb Control+!

Finally, You Can Have The Benefits Of A Low Carb Diet, While Still Enjoying Your Favorite Foods

More and more research comes out every day confirming how much benefit people can gain from lowering their carbohydrate intake, but as a culture we continue to increase how many carbs we eat each day! This is a primary contributor to the obesity epidemic we see all around us. 
I've seen this personally as a health and fitness professional with over 20 years of experience: so many well-meaning individuals cannot - no matter how hard they try - follow a low or no-carb diet. 
By consistently denying yourself the foods you love, you not only make yourself unhappy, but are FAR more likely to ‘binge’ when the opportunity arises. 
This reality makes the need for a product like Carb Control+ even more urgent, and its potential benefit that much more significant. 

Produced Under Highly Controlled Environmental Conditions In Small Batches, So Supplies Are Limited

Carb Control+ is produced under highly controlled conditions in one of America's Top FDA Registered Supplement manufacturing facilities, in small batches…making supplies quite limited.
We use this approach to limit the risk in launching a new product. We know we’re going to love it…we just don’t want to manufacture a TON of it until we know YOU love it!
This means that you do not want to wait to order…lead times for the next batch is typically 6 – 8 weeks or more depending on the labs schedule.  

And Of Course…My 60 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee Applies As Always

I’ve said it a hundred times, but it’s worth repeating…
I firmly believe that you shouldn’t pay for a product that doesn’t do what I say it will. 
Furthermore, everybody reacts differently to natural ingredients so I want to remove all the risk from you giving it a try.
So you have nothing to lose…
Either it does what I say and you are going to see some amazing results, or…
It doesn’t work for you and you can get a full refund…no questions asked. No hassle. Period.
This should also give you a clue as to how confident I am about the effectiveness of this product.  It works or you get your money back!

Special Introductory Pricing…

As usual, the ingredients in this product are not cheap, and we didn’t skimp on them…
(the ones that actually work are almost never cheap)
With that in mind, the retail price for Carb Control+ is set at $69 per bottle. 
However, I do want everyone interested in this product to be able to give it a try with even less risk so I’m going to offer this first batch at the following prices:
Try it out and see how you like it
$44.25 per bottle (you save 25%!)  
*recommended for those who want to lose 10-25 lbs.*
$39.33 per bottle (you save 33%!)
*recommended for those who want to lose 25+lbs*
So order now and don’t forget to let me know how it works for you!
Rick Gray
AS Research

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Q: How many capsules do I take?

A: Take 2 capsules with your most starchy meals.  For most people, this will be lunch and dinner.

Q: Will CC+ block ALL the carbs I eat?

A: Unfortunatley, no.  No carb blocker blocks all carbs you eat, but the unique nutrient partitioning properties of CC+ mean more of those digested carbs will be stored as muscle glycogen than fat!

Q: What kind of carbs does CC+ work on?

A: CC+ primarily works on long-chain, fast-digesting carbs like breads, pastas, potatoes, etc.  While this means that less of the carbs you eat in those forms will make it to your bloodstream, please don't use it as an excuse to binge eat on these types of foods.  Our supplements are good, but you've got to do your part!

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  1. Works!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th Sep 2015

    This product causes change! Almost immediately I notice a difference! Haven't been able to break 240lbs until now. As a matter of fact (235lbs) official weight.

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